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Lifestyle Product

Lifestyle Product shoots are a way to showcase a particular item. Showing its detail and giving your customers an idea of how that item will look while wearing it out in the real world. Getting your customers to click that "Add to Cart" button.

Lifestyle shoots will include model(s) with hair and make-up styled to match your brands vibe. Items will be pressed or steamed and styled with either items you sent to pair or out of our collection of basics to compliment your looks. You will receive at least 6 photos per item. One forward, side, back, close up, detail shot and one wide-angle shot of each item. $30 per apparel item and a return shipping label is all we need to get the job done. The minimum on items per shoot is 15 items, you can choose one model for every 15 items. 

Going to be shooting bi-monthly or more? Contact us for contracted rates and save BIG!

Branding Photography

Branding shoots are a way to visually explain to your customers who you are as a brand. These photos are how you reach your ideal customers, showing them who you are and attracting the audience that will lead to the most sales for your business. 

Branding shoots include 3 models and 12 completely styled outfits. Don't skimp on these shoots, you can do layers, jewelry, accessories, footwear, hats, and belts. We style up the models in the outfits you've sent and capture group shots in a location (you approve of) that you feel will relate to your target audience the most. Branding shoots will include models, hair and make-up, steaming and prep of items, photography and full edits and touch up of each photo. 

We include at least one group image of each outfit, one lifestyle product shot of each item in the outfit, at least one full body long angle shot of the entire outfit and at least two wide angle branding shots of each outfit. The possibilities are endless with branding shoots and are great for new brands or boutiques, seasonal showcasing, or rebranding to add to your ideal audience. These all inclusive shoots are $995.  

Need to customize a branding shoot to meet your specific needs? We are more than flexible. Reach out today!

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Studio Product Photography

Studio shoots are great for getting straight to the details for your customers. You tell us what color background you need and we can make it happen. Whether you want lively posing or simple posing to avoid distraction, we have you covered. Studio shoots include one model with hair and make-up styled for your particular vibe, a professional studio and lighting set up, full edit and touch-up of 5 photos per item: one forward, side, back, close up of full product and a detailed shot. This all inclusive studio shoot is only $20 per item with a 20 piece minimum.

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